Welcome To The Dojo!

what is the mma dojo?

The MMA dojo is an MMA gym in North london. We  train MMA and  muaythai kickboxing.   We believe in doing things differently to provide a safer and more efficient training experience.  The mma dojo is a positive community where you can come train hard, feel good and achive goals. Whether you want to be a fighter or you just train for health and fitness you are more than welcome.

core values

All of the classes have a structured syllabus with clear goals. This means you are always aiming for something and can be clear about what you will achieve.

The whole training syllabus has been analyzed and is constantly evolving to ensure it is the most safe and efficient way to get the result. This means the risk of injury is decreased and you reach peak skill and physical fitness much faster. This doesent mean we dont train hard it just means we train smart as well as hard!

At MMA dojo we have small clasess of no more than 12 students. This means that we can give more attention to each individual allowing for better teaching.

Although martial art training always has risks,  in the dojo we do not try to hurt each other, we focus on skill development and learning while having fun.  When we spar we go fast but with low power. This is sustainable training that can keep you fit and healthy long term.

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