Do we have a beginner MMA class in MMA dojo?

Do we provide mixed martial arts training for people who have zero expirience? Well the answer is yes and no!!   Seeing that even single martial arts are quite hard to learn (and MMA is many martial arts mixed together) it would be too hard for beginners to start with total MMA. Therefore we teach beginners classes in the broken down components of mma and only when they have become reasonably good at those components we mix them together. 

This doesn’t mean that you can’t start learning mixed arts at all as a complete beginner but it does mean that you have to control the ratio of the mixing.

For example in the beginner ground fighting class some dummy punches are allowed because students need to get used to grappling with punches from the beginning. So technically that is grappling mixed with striking. But it is grappling mixed with a very simple basic aspect of striking.  Same in the wrestling classes we allow some basic knee and elbow techniques so there is some mixing but it is very basic.  Full on mma (where striking, wresting and ground game are allowed to the full extent) is not done until much later. 

To use Mma skills to defend your self or to do well in the sport of Mma you have to be good at many different things. So in no particular order firstly there is striking which means punching kicking kneeing and elbowing. This means you need to be able to box decent , develop the flexibility balance and coordination to kick well and then understand how to use knees and elbows. You also need good footwork and the reactions to defend all of those things, plus different game plans for different opponents. Secondly you have wrestling which means being able to take people down and avoid being taken down yourself. The only difference is that in Mma the wrestling part also involves more complications. For example while you are wrestling they can knee and elbow you. You also have a cage which can be used against you and you need to train for this.  lastly you have to be good at the ground game which means blending wrestling and jujitsu technique to either sweep, submit or ground and pound. This gets very technical and you will need to master a lot of separate specific positions before you can start to grapple on the ground freely. 

So you may understand now that mma is quite a lot of different skills. Just learning to punch and move properly takes weeks if not months. Doing basic grappling also takes about 3 months before you even have a base!  For most people just to develop the flexibility to kick high and have a shin hard enough to block with may take years.  It takes a long time to learn any of the components of mma individually let alone mixing them together.

Lets take for example how long it takes to get good at muaythai sparring. If a beginner is dedicated usually they can master the basic level techniques of punching, kicking and kneeing in about three months. After this they start to learn basic defence reactions drills ,which usually takes about another six weeks to two months.  At this point they are quite competent at defending shots thrown at them one by one, but when they start sparring its a whole different world. It usually takes a further few months just to be able to handle thierself confidently against even weekend warrior white collar hobbyists!  Now bear in mind that is just striking but all of the components of mma will have to go through a similar process and none of them are easy! 

Mixing up all of these components where you can strike, takedown do ground game and flow back and forth between them takes time. The strength and conditioning required to do it is also pretty high. It is also a lot of fun and those who have taken the time to master it do make it look easy. That’s because they have gone through years of hard training and not given up. So now they can truly say they are mixed martial artists. 

Now on a positive note it IS quite possible for total beginners to systematically learn all of the skills reqired for mma. Anyone can do it as long as they are patient, focused and dedicated to training.   

In mma dojo we have created a syllabus which brings some order to the chaos of mma. It is one of the most comprehensive and organised mma training syllabuses in London. The three parts are mma wrestling, mma ground work and muaythai/ mma striking. Each one of these syllabuses take most people about six months each to master. They have been designed so that you don’t waste time doing things from individual martial arts that don’t help in mma. The syllabus is also quite different in that everything is broken down into chunks which are manageable and understandable. Great attention to detail is emphasised and repetitive drilling is done so that the learning is thorough.  Then alongside the technique basic strength and conditioning exercise is done which prepares the body for the demands of striking and grappling and decreases the risk of injury. So if you want to learn MMA from the beginning to the end in the most efficient way come and check out mma dojo. You don’t have to be fit or skilled to start because the class is structured so that you can pace yourself and only go harder when you are ready. You will however start to develop fitness and skills once you begin. 

This is the only mma training gym in East Finchley, north london and If you are from other London areas and you don’t mind to travel a bit then mma dojo is easy to reach on the northern line or A406.  Mma dojo is an mma gym in London that welcomes people of all backgrounds who want to benefit from the martial art way of life. 

Check out the instagram, read through the website or get in touch for more info. Have a great day!

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