muaythai for kids

No ordinary kids class

The MuayThai class at MMA dojo is nothing like most kids martial art classes. it’s not a play school club where you can earn belts just for turning up. There are only 10 kids per class and we pay great attention to detail. We believe in putting back the meaning in to martial art training for kids. That means classes are strict and we will train the kids properly. We believe that training them rigorously will have a positive and enriching effect on their whole life.

Strong foundations and a sense of achievement

In the kids MuayThai class at mma dojo we have a structured syllabus that they can progress through. Kids develop good flexibility, balance, coordination and strength alongside combat training. This will not only give them a strong sense of achievement and shining confidence. it will also give them a base of skills and strength to excel at any physical activity they later do. 

Dangerous but disciplined

Some people think that you shouldn’t teach MuayThai to young kids beacuse it is too powerful. We believe that if you are going to have any chance at defending yourself then you need to at least be able to strike hard and to have a strong body. The main thing is that at the same time we teach discipline, self control and philosophy of never using these skills unless absolutely necessary. We don’t want the kids to fight, but we want them to be able to protect themselves if they have to.

Safe enviroment

We take safeguarding seriously all of the coaches who teach kids at MMA dojo are CRB checked and vetted. We welcome parents to sit by and watch the class especially if kids are shy. And we like to maintain good communication with parents. After all we are aiming to have a positive effect by teaching martial art and we know that involves a coordinated effort.

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