MMA wrestling/takedowns

mma wrestling/takedown class

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Wrestling in MMA or street situations involves trying to takedown and not get taken down yourself, it involves  clinch control for kneee and elbow strikes while avoiding getting kneed and elbowed yourself. And it also involves using the cage. This means learning to deal with the situation of being pressed up against the cage/ wall and it involves using the cage wall to against your opponent.  

This class is about preparing for all of the above, first through repetitive drilling to learn technique then live grappling sparring to let you learn the application of the technique. 

First you learn about clinching with knees and upper body control. Then we move on to basic  take downs similar to what you find in olympic wrestling. Lastly we train wrestling against the cage. This class is a good starting point for anyone who has never learned any wrestling before. It will develop good strength and conditioning and you will learn a lot of new skills. The goal of the basic wrestling class is to cover all the material in the MMA wrestling syllabus