intermediatE muaythai/ MMA STRIKING

This class is a step up from the basic class. To join you will have to demonstrate that you have mastered the technique and physical conditioning from the basic MuayThai syllabus . The goal is to get you to an advanced level with no delay. There are only 10 people per class and we pay attention to detail.  The class usually starts with stretching and leg control . We aim to stretch and leg hold until you can use your leg like you would use your hands. 

Next we do various different kinds of defence drills .  Most of the drills are random attacks so you won’t know what’s coming and you have to learn to read and react. They are done fast but light  power so you will develop reactions without risking serious injury.  The result should be that no matter what the person in front of you trains MuayThai, kickboxing, boxing, Taekwondo e.t.c  you should be confident to read their attacks and then dodge/block /catch and counter attack. 

Next we practice attack skills on bags and pads. There is a lot of technique to learn and we  make sure that you know all of the ways of putting punches, kicks ,knees and elbows together in combinations. You will also learn advanced boxing techniques , and develop good single strikes so that you can end a fight with one shot with your hand or leg. This comes through consistently smashing the bags and pads until your body becomes a weapon.  It is not for everyone ,  it is hard work, but for those who endure you will develop into a fighting machine with strong will power, high endurance and dangerous striking. The key is to push through the hard training until you adapt and it becomes fun. 

The goal of the class is to master all of the technique on the intermediate MuayThai syllabus and get to the advanced level. Once you reach that level you can either carry on training as part of a healthy martial art lifestyle or you can start preparing to fight. Whatever you do getting to advanced level is quite an achievement itself . We don’t really care about belts in MuayThai or MMA unless they are championship fight belts. However getting to the advanced Muaythai level in MMA Dojo is equivalent to a black belt in most striking arts. And you would be good enough to start preparing for  MuayThai /MMA Competitions.  

Intermediate is challenging but it is a supportive  environment and if you are dedicated you can do well. Class is sometimes full so make sure to pre book before coming and if you have any questions then feel free to contact  

SYLLABUS for intErmediate muaytHAI