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MuayThai kickboxing is an ancient fighting art ....

MuayThai is the ultimate form of kickboxing. It originated in Thailand thousands of years ago. MuayThai is often referred to as the science of 8 limbs because it involves striking with the fists, feet, shins knees and elbows. In essence it is the most complete striking art because it involves using every-part of your body. This makes it one of the best workouts you can get and it is also very effective as a form of self defence or for MMA.

Quite different from other muaythai clasess...


The muaythai training at mma dojo is quite different for three reasons. Firstly we have eradicated obsolete exercises and only included training which is highly efficient so you will improve much quicker.

Second,  we spend alot more time drilling defensive reactions as we know in real fighting one shot can KO you!  At a high level or in self defence you will not last long without a very good defence!  Therefore we pay alot of attention to developing good defensive reactions.

Lastly we do not limit ourselves to muaythai kickboxing especially in the intermediate class. We use techniques from other striking arts beacuse that allows us to be more dynamic strikers. 


Basic MuayThai class


The basic MuayThai kickboxing class is for total beginners or those with a very basic level.  Classes start with a warm up, then we do a few minutes of stretching and leg control. After this we learn some footwork and techniques through shadow boxing. Next we use these techniques on the bag and pad. Striking the bags and pads can be hard cardio similar to HIT training but you can take it at your own pace. Most people just go lightly first and build up to a higher intensity when they are ready. Hitting and kicking things can be quite energizing and is a good way to release stress. Usually after the class you will feel totally relaxed and refreshed, will have learned some new skills, gotten more flexible and burned plenty of calories. Some people may only want to train in this class as it is a good place to stay if you are training purely for fitness. The goal is to achieve level one on the syllabus below and get into the intermediate class