In this class you get the opportunity to learn mma ground fighting skills from coach  Fabrizio, a BJJ black belt and pro MMA fighter. This is no ordinary  BJJ class,  Fabrizio has combined the pure No-gi Brazilian jujitsu technique with  top pressure wrestling and ground and pound skills learned through experience in the MMA cage. 

Everything we do is geared towards preparation for MMA. We still focus on BJJ fundamentals and you will learn  all the basic Brazilian jujitsu positions guard, half guard, side control , mount,  back e.t.c.  You will also  learn  the basic submissions and sweeps from these positions.

The only difference is the fact that strikes are allowed in the MMA cage or the street. This changes everything when it comes to grappling. Many of the BJJ guards and submission techniques have to be adapted in order to defend against getting hit. Of course in MMA it is better to not be on your back however we have to prepare for all possibilities. The goal of this class  is to be able to use jujitsu technique against aggressive top pressure/ ground and pound and be able to sweep, submit or get up. This is the essence of being good off of your back in MMA. 

There are also a lot of differences from the top position in mma grappling and sport Jujitsu . The main thing is that you can use strikes to set up submissions and you can use the cage to your advantage. From the top position in this class we teach an aggressive style that is similar to Dagestani wrestlers like Khabib Nurmagedov. Various wrestling holds are used to hold an opponent down while striking. This is not easy to do , especially against opponents who have good groundskills. This is why we have to focus on understanding good fundamentals and have a clear understanding of what an opponents options are.  

The No gi BJJ/ mma ground class is challenging,  in the beginning you will get tapped out regularly and you may feel like it is impossible. With regular training  you will get tapped out less and sometimes even be able to tap out your sparring partners. There are only 10 people per class and we help you to improve everytime , but like everything in martial art,  it takes time and consistency.  This is a good class for anyone who wants to fight MMA, it is also very useful for self defence situations.

The goal is to master all of the technique on the syllabus and progress to the MMA class. If you are interested in joining then you may go to the join us link or hit the contact button for more information.

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